Why Naming Your Kids’ Guardian in a Will Isn’t Enough | Estate Planning TV 021

Why Naming Your Kids’ Guardian In Your Will Isn’t Enough

When most parents think about guardians they think about long term guardians – who will watch their kids if they die.

What most people fail to think about is a scenario that is probably more common than any – when an injury occurs and you don’t die but you have a significant recovery time.

Imagine you are in a car accident. A bad one. And you aren’t killed but you are severely injured. It takes you a couple of months to get through rehab and back on your feet.

Who’s going to watch your kids during that time?

Is there going to be a fight about that?

What if your kid needs to go to the doctor? Will the short term guardian have authority to do that?

What about enroll them in school or sports activities?

Appointing a short-term guardian isn’t necessarily difficult, but it’s critical to keeping your family intact until you get back on your feet.

Watch the video to learn a little more about how to do just that.

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