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Don’t Let Your Feelings Get In The Way of Probate

This is a little rant based on a meeting I had a couple of weeks ago with someone I’m helping out with a probate.

They are unhappy, not because the probate is progressing poorly, but because they are letting their emotional baggage cloud their judgment.

When it comes to hiring a probate attorney or taking on the role of Personal Representative it’s important to understand that this kind of work is necessary to completing the process.

But if more people were honest with themselves, listened to everyone else, and did their best to look at what was directly in front of them instead of holding on to the past, probates would be resolved faster and in a way that allowed everyone to celebrate their loved one’s passing.

Before you get all bent out of shape, take a minute to think about what you’re really mad about and address that. Everyone will be better for it.

There are some ways to reduce and eliminate your estate tax liability, it just takes a little a little strategizing, a little planning, and the help of a great estate planning attorney.

And, when you’re done, If you want to talk more about your own estate planning needs and wants, click here and schedule a strategy session.