How to Choose a Guardian When You Can’t Agree | Estate Planning TV 028

How to Choose a Guardian When You Can’t Agree

From the moment you have a kid one thought tends to inhabit your mind:

Who will take care of my kids if something happens to me?

It’s such an overwhelming thought and the feelings to protect our kids are so strong that it can literally fill the back of our minds all day.

Knowing how strong that desire is and how important making sure the right people are in place to take care of our kids if something happens to us, so many of us never actually complete the process of naming guardians for our kids.

The number reason that I hear most often as an estate planning attorney?

“We can’t agree on who the person should be.”

The second reason I hear most often?

“We don’t have anyone in our life we feel 100% comfortable taking over the role.”

If either of these scenarios fit your current estate planning situation, you’re going to want to watch the show.

I’m going to give you a step-by-step strategy to ensure you arrive at the number one person to take care of your kids if something happens to you…

And I’m going to tell you what to do if, when you arrive at that decision, they’re still a mediocre choice at best.

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