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How My Hole In One Is Like Estate Planning

Last week I achieved something that not many people do: I had a hole in one on the golf course.

It was pretty cool and pretty fun, and a long time coming.

But thinking about this hole in one and how it relates to estate planning the connections became immediately clear.

The primary connection between the two is the randomness of the event.

I had no idea I was going to get a hole in one. I’ve played golf for almost 20 years. I’ve hit thousands of shots.

And yet, I could never have predicted that on that hole and on that shot I would hit a hole in one.

Just like we can never predict when events will happen that will change our lives.

It’s that in a million accident when we are driving our car, or have that medical emergency, or have a tree fall on us (it happens).

The only way you can protect against this occurrence is to prepare for the event (just like a golf tournament host buys insurance against the hole in one prizes it presents).

Estate planning isn’t something that’s nice to have – it’s a must have.

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