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Three Estate Planning Lessons from “Gifted”

I am a sucker for movies with cute kids in them, particularly when they face real struggle and overcome it.

“Gifted” is just such a movie, so I wasn’t surprised when I liked it after watching it.

What I WAS surprised by, however, were all of the important estate planning lessons intertwined throughout.

The movie was basically one long advertisement for estate planning (especially if you have kids).

The lessons were so good, in fact that I thought I’d share them with you on today’s episode. Here they are.

1. To make sure, make a will.

2. The “best” choice is up to you.

3. Never underestimate what people will do.

To figure out exactly what those mean, you’ll have to watch the video.

BUT, in writing this post I came up with a fourth lesson that isn’t related to kids at all.

The fourth lesson surrounds the end of the movie (warning, spoiler alert…) when the uncle is trying to get his niece back.

He comes in with a manuscript that his sister wrote before she died. She gave it to him with one condition – he was not to publish it until their mother died.

This lesson is important because if you want to do something like this, and make sure your wishes are actually carried out, you want to make sure you’ve got a good estate plan in place to take care of it.

Otherwise you’re leaving fate to chance…

Enjoy the video, and if you get a chance, watch the movie – it’s a good one.

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