Are pet trusts a real thing? | Estate Planning Daily 027

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In any event, today I wanted to talk a little bit about pet trusts. I haven’t talked about them in quite some time, and I had a potential client meeting today where we talked about them. I thought, “You know what? What better place to come and sort of let everybody know about pet trusts than right here on the good old Facebook?” We’re going to talk about them real quick.

The bottom line … I think we all kind of understand what a pet trust is. You get a pet, and they’re a good pet … I have a dog, a lab. His name is Piper. It’s a boy dog but a girl name. You can blame my wife for that. She said, “I want a girl dog, and I want the smallest lab in the group.” We went to the place, and she picked out the biggest lab. She picked out the boy, and she named him Piper. Sorry, Piper.

But in any event, we love Piper. If anything ever happened to Piper, we would want somebody to take care of him and we would want somebody to have enough money to be able to take care of him right.

The way that you can do that and be sure of that, and actually provide some sort of financial oversight in a way, is to create a pet trust, or within your actual revocable living trust, carve out some provisions for your pets, which is what we usually do. We can make a trust straight up for pets if you really want to, but typically that doesn’t happen. Typically, we just carve out some language inside of the trust to create a little something something for the pets.

The first thing to know, it is completely legal and completely valid. In fact, it is a … Washington statutes allow for pet trusts. There’s a whole section on them. It’s RCW 11.118. It’s all about pet trusts. I just looked it up before I got on here. You can really do it. You can name your trustee. They have to keep an accounting of all the money. Basically, they are there to sort of take care of your pets. You can leave a certain sum of money that’s there just for your pets to use. When your pets die, you can give it away to somebody else, your local animal shelter or something, if you really want to.

Just know if you have pets and you really want to ensure that they’re taken care of, you really, really want to ensure that they’re taken care of, a pet trust is the way to go.

A lot of people will just make an agreement with their friends or with their family that they’re going to take the pets and then leave the people a little bit of money. That’s another way to do it, particularly if you trust your people. Then they just got that cash that you’ve given them outright as a gift to use for the animals. The problem is if they don’t want to use that money on the animals, then they’re not really obligated to. There’s nothing that’s going to … No one’s going to force them to do that. If you really want to lock something in, then the pet trust is the way to go.

That’s it. Simple. Pretty simple to do. We do them all the time.

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