#RichLifeLawyer Show 046: Estate Planning and Funding Your Trust

Estate Planning and Funding Your Trust

The number one problem estate planning attorneys see with trusts is funding your trust, hands down.

In this episode of the show I talk about how to fund your trust to make sure that it actually happens.

Before we get to how to fund a trust, let’s talk about funding your trust in general.

It is important to remember that a trust is sort of like a box that you have complete control over.

You also get to make all the rules for whatever is placed in the box.

You can put anything in the box, so long as it actually makes it into the box. Just wanting it to go there is not enough.

This act of putting stuff in the box (i.e. trust) is the act of funding your trust.

In reality there aren’t a lot of different ways to do this. What there are is just a lot of different types of property you can put into the trust.

Each type of property has different requirements for transferring it into the trust. To figure those out, you’ll want to consult an estate planning attorney.


Christopher Small

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