Legacy Over Currency

Legacy Over Currency

When I first started thinking about getting into estate planning I knew from the beginning I wanted my message to be about more than just money.

Money is nice, yes, but there is study after study out that says after a certain amount of money one amasses, the correlation to happiness ceases.

That number is about $75,000.

And, if you’ve ever hung out with people that have a lot of money you know this study to be true.

I know people with a lot of money that are miserable.

I know a lot of people with money that are incredibly happy.

What’s the difference?

The happy people tend to value legacy over currency.

What Does Legacy Over Currency Even Mean?

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “that’s great Chris, but what does that even mean?”

Great question.

What that means is making your decisions, whether they be related to your family, to your business, to your career, to your dreams, to your goals, about doing what is right in the long term.

Here’s a perfect example…

I made a specific decision when I opened my law firm that I wanted to create lifetime generational clients. That means I want to serve the parents, and then their kids, and then their grandkids.

To do that I know that I need to be willing to give a lot at the beginning, that I need to provide a tremendous amount of value and not focus just on making as much money as I can off of every person that walks through the door.

That plays itself out in very real ways. I don’t push specific plans on people. I don’t gouge on price. If it’s in the client’s best interest (i.e. helps them reach their goals) then I will try to talk them out of doing something that would put money in my pocket in the short term.

Think Long-Term to Achieve Your Dreams

Legacy over currency is being patient enough in the short term to achieve all of your wildest dreams in the long term (and bring a lot of people along for the ride).

Every action I take promotes legacy over currency. I hope you consider what your long term goals, dreams, and desires are, and then start thinking about whether or not your actions are helping you move toward your legacy or away from it.