How to Protect Your Kids if You Are in a Car Accident (Minor Power of Attorney) | Estate Planning TV 058

One of the things we all think about when it comes to protecting our kids is what happens if we die?

That’s great. And it’s important (it’s called guardianship – and you do that via your Will), BUT it’s not everything.

What people often fail to think about and fail to plan for, to their detriment, is what happens in that circumstance where something happens to them but they don’t die.

Perfect example. It’s date night night. You and your spouse go to dinner. On the way home you get into a serious car accident and BOTH of you are in the hospital for a month in a coma.

Who takes care of the kids? Can they take them to the doctor? What if it’s time to enroll for school (or simply sign a field trip consent form)?

The solution is simple – Power of Attorney for Minors and Minor Healthcare Consent.

To learn more about how they operate, watch the video!


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