#RichLifeLawyer Show 010: How to Manage Your Accountant

On this week’s edition of the show we’re talking about how to manage your accountant. Remember, they are here to help you. To find out how to get the most out of your accountant, watch the video!

Hello everybody and welcome to episode number ten of The Rich Life Lawyer Show. I’m Christopher Small as always. I’m here to just have a little conversation with you right now. I’m talking about how to manage accountants and if you checked out episode eight, if you checked out episode nine, we’ve already talked about how to manage estate planning attorneys, how to manage your financial planner, no we’re gonna talk about accountants.

Accountants are basically the same. You’re gonna want to manage them in a much the same way. The key here is gonna be one, find a good one. Finding the right one is the most important thing. You can do that by talking to people and getting referrals or references. Make sure that if it’s someone that’s outside of the industry, outside sort of the financial industry. Which already include estate planners, accountants, and financial planners within those that industry for sure.

Make sure that you use the person before and it’s not like their cousin or something because while we wanna root for that cousin, that may not be the right person to help you out with this stuff. So, that’s the first thing. Go to review sites, go to the website, check them out. Do these things to sort do the little research and pick someone that looks like they will mesh with you because there’s no such thing as the best attorney. There’s no such thing as the best financial planner. There’s no such thing as the best accountant but there is such thing as is the right attorney for you, the right accountant for you, the right financial planner for you. So, that’s the key here, is to find the best fit for that’s gonna help you realize your goals and also have a good relationship with you right.

These relationships, these interactions, they should not be, you should look forward to these things because you’re gonna hopefully get a lot of information, you’re gonna get to hangout with a cool person if you’re with us, you’ll definitely get to hangout cool people and you’re gonna get to realize your dreams. This should be an enlightening, fun experience. So, that’s number one.

Number two thing that you’re gonna wanna do to manage your accountant is to again make sure that they are helping you realize your dreams and your goals. Accountants are gonna be slightly different in the sense that what their main, what they really, depends on what accountants you talk to, but accountants will really help you around tax time. They really help you to put your money in a place where they can be designated in such a way that you don’t have to pay as much tax on it.

I mean that’s what I talk to my accountants about. I say, “Look, I’m thinking about doing this, give me the two or three ways that I could do it and then give me the best way that’s gonna give me the least amount of tax liability. And I’ll do that.” So, you could actually do what you want but to do it in a way that saves you money on the back end. And most accountants would do that for you.

Again, if you find someone that tells you to do XYZ no matter what, no matter what you wanna do, no matter what your goals are, no matter what your dreams are, it’s probably not the right person for you. Because accountants, they’re are again, they’re there to serve you. Financial planners are there to serve you. ¬†Attorneys, there to serve you. You know, I am here to serve you and that’s what it’s all about. So, the person that you hire or the person that you’re using is not serving you, then maybe you wanna find someone else.

So, that is it for today, let’s talk about, what’s the question of the day? What do I want to know about you? You know, this is what I wanna know today. What questions do you have for me? You know, I tell this every time, go to @richlifelawyer on Twitter. Go to facebook.com/richlawyer and leave me a comment or question and tag it richlifelawyershow with a hashtag but this episode I will keep coming back to. I will keep looking for questions here so just give me your question below. Take 5 seconds, what your most burning question about finance, about the law, about attorneys, about the show, about me, about us. I don’t care, you can ask any question that you want at any time. Just hashtag richlifelawyershow or write below this episode. Have a good one, talk to you soon.


Christopher Small

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