#RichLifeLawyer Show 013: Three Ways to Get Out of a Rut

I love talking about estate planning, about wealth creation, about legacy, and about family.

But I also love learning about and talking about personal development.

It all goes back to that safety warning you hear before your plane takes off. “If the oxygen masks fall, first secure the mask on your own head and then help others to do the same.”

Bottom line: a stronger you makes everyone around you stronger.

That’s what I talk about on the show today. Enjoy!

Don’t have time to read? No problem. Catch the transcript below!


Christopher Small

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Christopher Small is a Kirkland estate planning attorney who helps people get rich and live forever. He is also the owner of CMS Law Firm LLC.

Three Ways to Get Out of a Rut Transcript

Hey everybody, welcome to episode thirteen of The Rich Life Lawyer Show, I’m Christopher Small your host as always I’m here to talk about ways you to get unstuck and I don’t know about you but there are times when I just get I feel like I get in a rut. I don’t feel like waking up, I don’t feel like going to work, and I feel like doing this thing or that thing or whatever was kind of grumpy. I think everybody has that, nobody gets that. And i want to talk today about some of the things that I do to try to break out of that out rut. To try to get unstuck.

The first thing I try to do is to step away, sometimes that means all kind of day jobs for like half an hour, watch a show, go mess around on Youtube or whatever. Most of time though what it means is, I literally will walk away. You know I will go on a walk, I will get out of the office. I will get out of the house. I will do something that is going to clear my mind, to kind of just get away. Oftentimes that will be enough to kind of get me in a better mood you know, think about what’s going on think about how I’m feeling that way and I’ll get a good move back. Okay, so that’s the first thing that you can do.

The second thing that you can do is to to think about your why. So you know, for me I am making these videos, I am helping clients, I’m networking, I am reading, and I’m doing all kinds of stuff and sometimes there are those things that you know you need to do but you just don’t really want to do them because they’re just not fun. Work isn’t always fun that’s why it’s called work. When I have those things, when I see that I’ve been putting something off for a while, what I will often do is think back to you know why am I doing this and you know for example it’s easy for me to make these videos when I realize the amount of help it’s giving people and the effect that it’s having on people’s lives.

So you know I mean I want to sit down in front of this video camera. I’m going to do it and thinking about why I’m doing it actually gets me pumped up, it gives me an energy that allows you to really experience what I’m saying in a way that hopefully will change you because this whole thing everything I do. The Rich Life Lawyer brand, our estate planning services, everything is really geared towards helping you become the best you possible. Achieve your best life and then help your family achieve their best life. You know when you’re gone, to continue that trend. So that’s number two.

Number three is change it up. Sometimes maybe you don’t need to go into work for the day. Maybe you go work at a park, go to the library, go to the coffee shop take the day off. Whatever and just go change up your routine. Get out of the rut, get out of the same thing that you’re doing every day. Wake up earlier, wake up later instead of taking a shower first, go outside. Take a deep breath. Change up that routine to get out of that rut because a lot of times that’s what gets us in the red, sort of falling into a routine that isn’t been official for what we want to do.

So I hope you’re not in a rut but if you are, hope you can use this to get out. See question of the day., question of the day what you’d like to do to get out of a rut? You know what are the things that, what are some of the things that you do when you’re kind of feeling that way. I’d love to hear you leave a comment. And remember, if you have questions, I have answers. Go to Twitter @richlifelawyer, Facebook facebook.com/richlifelawyer. Just use the hashtag, #richlifelawyershow and I’ll answer questions. All right see you later.