Will a Revocable Living Trust Mess Up My Refi?

The chances of you living in your house forever are slim. Like, very slim.

A question we get asked often by our estate planning clients, either during the estate planning process, or after their estate plan is complete, is what happens if they have a revocable living trust and need to refinance their home?

That’s a great estate planning attorney question and I’m happy to answer it.

The short answer is, no, a revocable living trust holding real estate will not mess up the refinancing process.

In the end, the process will go very smoothly, and one of two things will happen.

Either the title company will ask you to move your home back into your own name to complete the process (this is very simple to do), or, the title company will simply complete the transaction in the name of the trust.

What I’m seeing lately is the refinance just happens using the trust.

And, I want to point out, as a service to our clients, we create any deeds that need to be created related to the trust FOR LIFE.

Hope this helps!


Christopher Small

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