Be Selfish… | Estate Planning TV 038

Be Selfish…

I can’t tell you how many people come into my office wanting to talk estate planning and immediately try to do everything they can to live as poorly as they can to leave as much as they can to their family.

I tell them all the same thing: BE SELFISH.

You know those instructions they give you before you take off in a plane?

“If the oxygen mask falls place it over your mouth before helping others…”

That same principle applies here.

You have worked for this money. You have saved it. You have earned it. You have used it to take care of and protect your family.

But it is okay to us it to take care of YOU too.

This means having a plan to spend what you need to to live comfortable life.

The truth is, as adults we all have to fend for ourselves. Sure, it would be nice if our families left us something when they died, but to rely on that is foolish (and truly selfish).

So, as you begin to think about your estate plan and your legacy don’t forget that priority number one should be to live a good life while you are here.

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Christopher Small
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