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Cost of NOT Choosing a Guardian for Your Kids

When you have kids something changes in your mind.

Priorities change.

Thoughts change.

Actions and reactions change.

The fulcrum of this change is your new child. Something biologically drives us to want to do whatever we can to keep them safe and give them the best chance to succeed in life.

It is this amazing transition that also creates chaos in the context of estate planning.

People come into my office every day and tell me they have put off estate planning because they cannot agree with their spouse on who the long-term guardian should be.

One parent wants their parent and the other wants their parent.

One parent definitely does NOT want someone that the other person thinks is perfectly fine.

What most people don’t consider is that by not making a decision on a guardian for their kids they actually are making a choice.

The choice you are making by not choosing a guardian is to put that choice into the hands of a judge.

Someone that doesn’t know you and doesn’t know your values and doesn’t know your family (i.e. that person in your family that looks good on paper but that you would NEVER choose to be the guardian of your kids).

The other situation you are creating by not choosing a guardian is one of conflict, strife, and mistrust.

When you don’t choose a guardian those that want the job have to raise their hand and present their case to a judge.

This often results in families squaring off against one another to prove not just that they are the best choice, but that any other candidates are not the best choice.

And, sadly, these conflicts don’t dissipate over time once a decision has been made. The strife lasts a lifetime, and your kids are the ones that are hurt in the process.

Everyone I talk to always tells me how much they love their kids. They tell me how they would do anything for them.

If you are one of those people and you DON’T have an estate plan, it’s time to plug what might be the biggest hole in your kids’ future.

Get started on your estate plan today.

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