What are you willing to invest? | Estate Planning TV 045

What Are You Willing To Invest?

This is a little bit of a ranty kind of an episode.

I see so many people making bad decisions when it comes to their family and protecting their legacy because they fail to have the proper perspective when it comes to the money that is used for estate planning, for financial planning, for life insurance, for disability insurance, and for many other things that are critical to the long-term success of your family.

Estate planning is not a cost.

You should NOT be thinking about how to get the cheapest estate planning possible.

You should NOT be thinking about do-it-yourself estate planning.

You should NOT consider the price of your estate plan as a cost.

Estate planning is an investment.

It’s an investment in the emotional future of your family.

It’s an investment in the financial future of your family.

It’s an investment in yourself in case things in life don’t go the way you expect them to.

When it comes to estate planning, think about how much you’d be willing to pay to keep your family safe. To ensure their well being long after you are gone. To give them the opportunity to pursue their dreams. To avoid having to sell your home or look for work or sell family heirlooms.

This is what estate planning does for you. This is an investment that MUST be made.


Christopher Small

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