What if You Find a Will After Probate is Opened? | WA State Probate TV 007

What if You Find a Will After Probate Opened?

When people pass away they don’t always do so with a high level of organization.

Sometimes it’s not planned. Sometimes they are just disorganized.

Whatever the reason, sometimes it is difficult to find the important information and documentation one needs when someone dies, including a will.

If you can’t find a will and probate is necessary at some point you have to petition the court and open probate.

But what happens if you later find a will that you think is valid?

What happens then?

In this episode of Washington Probate TV I’m going to tell you about hit (here’s a hint – it involves filing something called a “petition with will annexed.”

It’s about a 6 on the probate complexity scale, so you’ll probably want to consider talking to a probate attorney if you find yourself in this situation.

So, please, watch the video, and if you’ve had someone pass away and need help, please give us a call or set up a time to talk with us. https://pain-free-probate.com/needprobate


Christopher Small

P.S. Have you had someone pass away and you’re not sure whether or not you even need probate? I’ve put together a short infographic that will help you find out in less than 30 seconds. Just click the link below to instant answers.