Revocable Living Trust #1 – You Love Your Kids | Estate Planning TV 051

Revocable Living Trust Reason #1 – You Love Your Kids

I was doing a will signing with a client yesterday and they asked me why other people get revocable living trusts.

I spouted off about 10 different reasons and while I was doing so I thought to myself “this would be a great series to run on Estate Planning TV.”

So here we are.

Here is the first, of many reasons, you may want to include a revocable living trust in your estate plan.

And, remember, if you do, you should consider hiring an estate planning attorney (like us) to help. If you don’t, there’s a significant chance you are going to mess something up.

So, tune into the video or the podcast to find why a revocable living trust is necessary if you love your kids.


Christopher Small

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