The TRUE Function of Estate Planning | #RichLifeLawyer Show 86

Estate planning is not just about distributing your assets to the next generation. It can be so much more.

With a well thought out estate plan you have the opportunity to create legacy and build true generational wealth.

To find out what I’m talking about AND find out why most estate planning attorneys can’t help you with this, watch the video!

Christopher Small wants to help you live a rich life now and leave a rich legacy when you are gone. He wants you to have your cake and eat it too. That’s what the #RichLifeLawyer Show is all about. It’s his way of helping you protect your family, create wealth right now, and establish generational wealth, for free. You’ll find information here on estate planning, financial planning, productivity, finance, self-improvement, family protection, tax avoidance, and anything else that will help improve your quality of life (and after-life). Christopher is the owner of CMS Law Firm LLC, a Seattle estate planning law firm. CMS Law Firm does three things really well: (1) estate planning; (2) probate; and (3) trust administration.